A resplendent multicultural joy-filled night of celebration, community, and gratitude

Inspired by indigenous (Yorùbá) epistemology and

recent reports in Public Health, Higher Education, etc

By an MSU Graduate Student, For MSU Graduate Students

A Red-Carpet Affair with Catered Dinner, Live Music & DJ, and Giveaways

Àpèjọ Àríyá Àjọyọ. A joy-full and jubilant event where graduate and professional students can celebrate themselves—and their contributions to the campus community as students, educators, and researchers—and are empowered with resources that promote joy (a marker of well-being) and boost morale.





In Joy! and experience the magical multicultural story of joy and celebration through this curated pre-event playlist.

with Songs from West Africa, Italy, France, South Africa, U.K, the Caribbean, Latin America, India, U.S. and Korea. Listen Unshuffled.

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Well-Being Resources Curated for Graduate & Professional Students

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect?

There will be Catered Dinner, In Joy! Kits (Care Packages), a short film ft. fellow grad students, DJ Music, Dance, Live Band, Giveaways, Cash Bar, Photobooth, Remarks from TGS Dean, Joy-filled activities, and more—in Community and with Community with other graduate and professional students and campus leaders. Join us for a night of fun, laughter, and joy as we come together to unwind and enjoy each other's company. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories.

Dress Code?

Dress to Impress (Formal or Cultural): Whether it's that beautiful lehenga neatly tucked in the back of your closet or That statement suit you've been waiting for an opportunity to wear or That elegant evening gown you came across months ago and can't seem to stop thinking about or That bold agbáda you bought for another event and need an excuse to bring out…whatever it is….. Show up and show out... to In Joy! And Celebrate.


On April 20, “Public lots [i.e. Lot 67] will all be complimentary and available first come first serve. This will include Kellogg Ramp. There will be a few select pass lots near the Football stadium that are reserved.” - Steve Grice (Event Traffic and Parking Manager)

Can I Bring a Plus One?

If they are an MSU Graduate and Professional Students, Yes. And they would also need to register.

However, due to limited capacity, we will not be able to accommodate non-MSU Graduate and Professional Students

Marketing Materials?

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A yọ̀ We Rejoice

Ayọ̀ Joy

Àsìkò àjọyọ̀ ti yá

It's time for Celebration!

Language: Yorùbá

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Headings are different ways of expressing gratitude in Yorùbá

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